About us

Why Authorbuddies.com?

Some time ago, I interviewed Joanna F. Penn about her experience starting a new book on a foreign market – in this case Germany . I put this interview up on Selfpublisherbibel.de, my website for German self publishers. When I shared the blog post on Twitter, it sparked a short discussion. “We should have author buddies to help us with marketing on foreign markets” someone said. Here we are. 

How it works 

It’s easy: You create an account, tell us which language support you are looking for and either find someone immediately or wait to be found. 

Actually, of course it is a bit more complicated. To have a fruitful cooperation, you should add more information about yourself. It’s important that your author buddy knows about your genre (ideally, he/she should write in the same genre). Also, both of you should be roughly on the same level of success in your particular home countries.

Do you want to search in more than one category?

Simply enter your other languages in the “other languages” field of your profile. You may also create a second profile if you prefer that.

Why am I not in the member list?

You have to login once after registration and activation to have your profile visible in the member list.

I am not an author but a publicist / translator / illustrator / journalist…

Welcome to Authorbuddies.com! You are free to become a member if you want to support an author in your local book market. At this time we do not allow offering paid services to authors. If your are interested offering commercial services specifically to German authors please take a look at selfpublishing-markt.de. It’s free too.

Who are we?

In early 2011, I started into Self Publishing on KDP and became the No. 1 bestselling author on Amazon.de in 2011. In early 2013 I started Selfpublisherbibel.de, now the leading resource on Self Publishing in Germany. I hope to find someone to help marketing my books here too.

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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